Dynamic, not static. 

Organizations today function in an increasingly chaotic atmosphere dominated by globalization, uncertainty and rapidly changing technology. We now live in an age where the digitally integrated individual can impact strategic designs. It is an environment where local is simultaneously global.

More research and development and faster product cycles are not necessarily better. The ability to identify opportunity will rest more and more on our ability to understand, influence, or exercise control within both the human and technological domains we operate in. This is the crossroads of the technological, physical, cultural and socio-economic environments that influence innovation.

Complex systems.

Our lives our increasingly integrated with technology. We can no longer separate people and environments from the technology they use and are impacted by. Yet the diffusion of technology has also given voice to social and cultural differences that define us, increasing the complexity of the environments we operate within. Strategic risk is now a part of every aspect of operations.  

Spatial Terra™ is a proactive risk mitigation firm specializing in human domain based research and analysis of global conflicts and disruptions and the influences of technology.