Welcome to Morning Coffee...


We have been planning the launch of Morning Coffee for months. We open our blog with a discussion of ISIS, a post that was developed in the months following the Charlie Hebdo atrocity but now updated under the shadow of the heinous massacre in Paris of 129 civilians killed and 352 wounded by eight extremist Muslims this past Friday, 13 November 2015. Yet the theme of this blog is even more important than ever today; and our intensity and zeal that drives us is now further fueled by the graphic scenes that transpired and that are shaping our discussions this morning. Our hearts and prayers are with all of the victims, friends and families. May justice be swift and merciless. 

Welcome to Morning Coffee…

With expanding global interconnectivity, we are increasingly challenged by the speed at which conflicts and disruptions can surface. Seemingly out of nowhere unanticipated events can arise that introduce new complexities to business and enterprise. These challenges run the gamut of risk, forcing a rethink of every aspect of operations, from site location to supply chain logistics, stake holder relations to operational delivery. We now live in an age where the digitally integrated individual can impact strategic objectives. It is an environment where local is simultaneously global.

We live in a complex labyrinth of change, innovation and adaptation. Unlike any period of the past, we have arrived at a point in our own evolution where our greatest creations are now transforming our lives in ways and speeds that we can barely keep pace with. As we try to understand the complexity, we can no longer provide aggregated solutions, but must account for unique identities, cultural nuances, emerging trends and even obscure and seemingly insignificant influencers. This nexus point of analysis is what we refer to as the intersection of technology and the human domain. 

Morning Coffee is published once per week, ready for reading Monday mornings. The topics that are explored cover a wide range of subjects, providing a unique optic and interpretive narrative that centers on the understanding of complex market environments and emerging technologies. Our work is centered on two fundamental principles: 

  1. Human relationships are defined by some form of commodity exchange 
  2. Our lives are increasingly integrated with technology to the degree that we can no longer separate people and environments from the technology they use and are impacted by 

In the globally interconnected environments of the twenty-first century, strategic risk is now a part of every aspect of life. Blending advanced data analytics, multi-disciplinary spatial analysis and cultural narrative modeling we hope to provide you with a unique perspective of the risks and threats that confront us everyday. 

Welcome to Morning Coffee.